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As President of the Villages Deutscher Club, I invite each of you to consider applying to become a member of our Board of Directors, or perhaps to contribute as an Officer in our organization.  Our mission is to provide an environment of camaraderie and friendship within the framework of German customs and tradition.  In keeping with our mission, new and fresh talent is always a must for our continued success.



President: Kirk Freundt

Vice President: Juergen Giese

Secretary: Linda Snow

Treasurer: James Daley

Director: Rudy Ruckert

Director: Fritz Klein

Director: Robert Reinhard



Acting as a team, the Officers and Directors plan and coordinate the activities associated with our monthly events.  For example, many times our entertainment choices must be committed to months in advance of the actual event.  Table decorations and arrangements are sometimes unique to a specific event such as for Christmas or Octoberfest, or perhaps dancing might be the focus.  Table coverings and centerpieces or maybe seasonal decorations are ordered and on hand well in advance, and the “Deutscher Club Team” arrives early to arrange everything.


Also, the food we provide at each event must also be planned for in advance.  We try to avoid ordering excessive amounts (wasting our money) or ordering too little (disappointing members), and our team has a system in place to manage this.  The spectacular deserts we offer are also an outcome of our efforts.  As a result, we are able to offer an evening of entertainment and dining and just plain fun at a very reasonable cost to our members.


At times, a member of the Board of Directors may be asked to research a specific product, service, or activity that could provide a worthwhile benefit to the club.  For example, the Christmas Carolers at our December event required a measure of research and coordination that turned out to be quite enjoyable.


The Officers and Directors meet monthly one week before the scheduled event for that month to ensure everything is going as planned, and to discuss upcoming events and activities.  We publish minutes of our monthly meetings and aggressively monitor our finances.


Printing and distributing tickets, managing the 50/50 drawing, advertising and promoting future events, maintaining contact with our members, managing our finances, and much more are all part of everything we do.  Enthusiasm is a must.  Computer skill and experience would be a plus, but not a requirement.


I once again urge you to consider applying to join our team and offering your talents.  This is purely a voluntary contribution on each member’s part.  Please feel free to contact me


With warm regards,

Kirk Freundt,


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History of the Club




How the Villages Deutscher Club was Founded

                                                                    by Martin Grum                                                                                                      



In May of 2004 Martin Grum, Karl Fiedler and Ted Seybold asked for a meeting with John Rohan, representative of The Villages, at the Mulberry Grove Rec. Center about forming a second German Club in The Villages.  


It was granted with the stipulation that the meetings be held at the same day and time of the month as the existing German-American Club of The Villages has theirs. 

Two years before, in a newsletter written by Ray Maxwell, Vice-President of the German-American Club of The Villages stated, that the membership in his club is at a level that it is time to start a second German Club. Martin Grum was approached by several members to handle this concern. Martin told them to hold off till the area south of CR 466 becomes more populated, then start one there.

In June of 2004, the first meeting was held at the Churchill Street Rec. Center. About 50 interested people showed up. At this meeting the attendees agreed to call this new club “The Villages Deutscher Club.” Officers were voted in as; President: Ted Seybold; Vice-President: John Kalten; Secretary: Irmela Klimach; Treasurer: Marion Tobin. 


President Seybold requested that the Club apply for Incorporation status, that meant we had to vote in directors, and they were: Leonore Smiley, Jim Donner and Martin Grum. Now we had a full slate for a “Board of Directors” status.

Membership dues were set at $10 per annum, and members started to sign up.

To get some money into the club’s treasury, the BOD’s decided to host the band “Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen” from the Midwest, at the Moose Lodge in Belleview. Ted bankrolled the affair. It was a great success.

A month later the president came up with a set of by-laws and it was approved by the members. “The Articles of Incorporation” from the state of Florida were approved on October 11, 2004. President Seybold applied for tax exempt status from the IRS and it was granted on August 15, 2005, under section 501 © 3 Effective date as of October 11, 2004.

Article VIII of the Club’s by-laws states: The purpose for which the corporation is organized is: To promote and preserve German customs and traditions by familiarizing the general public with German folklore, social and festive activities, as well as German and German-American history, and to promote and unite its members in the bonds of, friendship, good fellowship, mutual understanding, and good citizenship.

Presidents of the club were as follows and served:

2004 to 2007                             Theodore Seybold                                                                                                           

2008                                           Michael DeBaun                                                                                                                  

2009                                           Theodore Seybold                                                                                                                             

2010 to 2011                              Frank Maday                                                                                                          

2012 to present                         Kirk Freundt