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Willkommen and Thank you for your interest in The Villages Deutscher Club Inc.  Our main mission is to promote and preserve German customs & traditions by familiarizing the general public with German folklore, social and festive activities, as well as German and German – American History. We hope to  promote and unite our members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, mutual understanding, and good citizenship.

Any German-born person, German speaking person or person of German descent, living in The Villages and/or the spouse living in The Villages shall be eligible for membership in this club upon payment of the annual dues and the initiation fees, if any, as stipulated by the Board of Directors.

We hope you will join us !!!!

Message from the President

Having two parents of German Heritage I grew up learning the German traditions and customs. However I never really put them together until I married my wife and traveled to Germany for vacation 12 times.  I was ‘hooked” and loved experiencing the food, culture and traditions first hand!

After working as paint salesman for Pratt & Lambert for 35 years I retired and moved to The Villages, Florida and discovered The Villages Deutscher Club. I joined the club in 2010 and wanted to parlay my business leadership skills, so I volunteered to be an officer in the club. I later became club President.

My Goal was to build a club that I thought people would enjoy and have an enjoyable evening attending an event that I planned and organized. Since I began my tenure as President we have seen a large increase in membership and we still continue to grow.

I hope we can add you to our membership ranks !

~Kirk Freundt

Oktoberfest Parade

In 2010 in The Villages the annual Oktoberfest Parade was always a big hit with The Villages and the local community.


However, two years later The Villages were going to eliminate the parades.


Being President of the best club in The Villages (Ok I may be biased), I could not watch this tradition fade away.

Meeting with the club Presidents of the

Irish, Italian and German Clubs we were able to work together in an effort to save the parades. Together we went out and had 70,000 signatures of residents that we were serious about the parades and fought to restore the tradition & customs of our Oktoberfest in The Villages.

The group of presidents restored all parades, and to this day continue to work tirelessly to plan & coordinate the parades.


We encourage you to come out and support the Italian, Irish and Oktoberfest Parade – you will have a fantastic time and may even make a few friends!

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